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Hi – and welcome.
You are probably landed on my website, because you are feeling tense, stressed or are in pain.
I am a third year student at the Body SDS (Self-development System) School in Copenhagen, and I have opened a clinic with Body SDS Student Treatments at 14C Lille Strandstræde, close to Nyhavn, Copenhagen.

On this page I will shortly summarize, what I can offer and what Body SDS is. But do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions. You can text/call me: +45 2031 8121 or email me:

I have a booking system:, where you can book an appointment (choose Body SDS Elevbehandling (student treatment) 1 time (hour)/1,5 time) – or you can book by calling/texting me.

What is Body SDS?
Body SDS is a body therapeutic method developed by three generations of Danes. It is known to ease tension, stress and injuries. It is a combination of muscle massage, joint movement and breathing techniques. It involves pulsating movements of the body, which enhances circulation of blood and lymph.

What happens during a treatment?
First we talk a bit about the challenges, you have – physically and/or emotionally. Then you undress apart from your underwear and lie down on the couch under a blanket. I will examine and treat your full body and work deeper with the problematic areas. I will instruct your breathing to give you full benefit of the treatment. I will work on both the front and the back of your body.

Who am I, and what can I offer?
My name is Merete Fleischer, and I began the three year long education in 2020. I have an academic education within the fields of Philosophy and Danish Language and has previously worked as a translator (English-Danish), project manager, and other jobs along that line.
I decided to change my career, because I experienced what Body SDS could do for me – and I really wanted to pass that experience on to others.

As a student I have learned many techniques, and I keep developing those and learning more. Since I opened my clinic in the summer 2021, I have given more than 500 treatments. I also have access to supervision and mentoring in a fora consisting of teachers and other students, where anonymized problematics can be discussed.

An authorized Body SDS therapeut charges minimum DKK 750 for a treatment. As a third year student I charge DKK 550 (1 hour)/DKK 825 (1,5 hour). You can buy gift cards for your self or others which are valid the current year out + 12 months.

Method of payment
I prefer Mobilepay (931037), but I also accept cash.

How to get to the clinic
The clinic is in the very center of Copenhagen, in Lille Strandstræde 14C, ground floor, near to Nyhavn and the Metro Station Kongens Nytorv. If you come by car, you can use the under ground parking facility ‘Kvæsthusmolen/Skt. Annæ Plads’.

When entering through the big, green gate, you need to go all the way to the end of the courtyard, the clinic is in the back, to the left. (check out the pictures on the bottom of the page: Praktisk). If the gate is closed, give me a call at 2031 8121.
Please note: The doors to the clinic can be closed up to five minutes before your appointment.

Cancellation and no show
If you cancel your appointment the same day or do not show up, I will charge a fee of DKK 275 unless you cancel due to sudden/contagious disease.

All the best,